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Safe Management Measures Officer Course

Safe Management Measures officer course for those that require to implement SMM Plans
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This course if for those that will be appointed as Safe Management Measures Officers
Learn the basics of COVID-19
Understand the reasons for having Safe Management Measures in workplaces
Deciding what Safe Management Measures to implement in your workplaces

Safe Management Officer Course

We have all been affected by COVID-19. Many have been exposed and harmed in terms of health but at the same time businesses and companies have been financially affected as well.

As we get closer to developing vaccines, economies around the world need to restart in a safe controlled manner to prevent second or even third waves of COVID-19. Businesses and companies should have a Safe Management Measures Plan prepared and implemented in their workplaces to safe guard their employees or anyone else who is associated with the business.

This course will help employers and the staff to prepare the workplaces for re-opening, and prepare them to implement the measures in a sustainable manner for as long as necessary.

Safe Management Officer Course Outline

  • Introduction to Covid-19.

  • Legal Requirements on Safe Management Measures.

  • General vs Sector Specific Requirements

  • Sources of Information

  • Roles and responsibilities of appointed Safe Management Officer (SMO) & Safe Distance Officers (SDO)

  • Developing Safe Management Plan and Monitoring Plan

  • Steps to implement effective Safe Management Measures

  • Monitoring SMM and Inspection (Checklists)

  • Use of Technology

  • Run down on Annex C Checklist of Safe Management Measures Required at the workplace for resumption of business activities

  • Penalties

Target Audience

  • Management Representations who will be appointed as Safe Management Officer (SMO), WSH Professionals (Safety Managers/WSH Officers/ WSH Coordinators), Safe Distancing Officers (SDO)s, Self-employed persons and representatives or any person who is interested to perform Safe Management Measures in their workplaces.

Safe Management Measures Officer Course
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