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Sacred Rewiring - 28 Days To A Rewired You

Create Healing, Alignment, & Connection with Your Own Ability to Heal
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Create healing, alignment, and connection with your own ability to heal and awaken the spark of healing life that is already within you!
Learn the basis of what goes into healing a person as a whole, and from this starting point, learn how to heal yourself easily and quickly.
Interactively participate in healing modules for transformation and rewiring.
Enhance the experience with intention practices, breathing, mudra and hand position techniques.
Observe and journal your experiences.

Sacred Rewiring is a course meant to first, heal the parts of you that are preventing you from healing and then teaching you how to rewire your whole being! This is a 28 day program for healing, alignment, and connection with your own ability to heal...that spark of healing life that is already within you and ready to be awakened!

Sacred Rewiring is a healing progression of rewiring the current state that you live within, to a sacred embodiment that allows for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing! This program/course is designed to take you from your current state of health, emotional trauma, mental anguish, etc. and recode your mind, body, DNA, spirit, emotions, and operating system, into a divine template! Creation from this point means that you can change all the parts of you that are ready to walk in light!

This program is designed for all of the multilayered parts of you to be fully cleared so that your health and vitality can resurface and embrace you. We work in a progressive template that clears layer upon layer of dis-ease, wounding, and all un-truths you and your physical body have come to embody. We work only through God’s love and light and ask that all work be done for your highest and best good with ease and grace.

This course was created by two incredible healers who have spent their lives searching for liberation from dis-ease! Susan and Tara come together as an energy coder and alchemical healer, to pair perfect teachings and techniques to use after this course is finished.

This in an introductory course where we cover many aspects of why dis-ease shows up and what we can do about those physical issues. We take you through each module with an educational piece, an interactive piece...and an integrative time period afterwards. Once the healings and teaching are completed, we recommend a waiting period before you move on to the next module. With each module you gain understanding of the 'why' we want to focus on healing, what we are healing, and what aspects of your life those issues might be affecting. Once you have an awareness of this, you can move on to healing the entirety of the problem!

After you finish the 28 day program, you will have a full understanding of how the multidimensional anatomy and DNA template, affects your whole being. In the last module, we will teach you how to use specific techniques to manifest exactly what you want. And it is SO easy to learn!

You are absolutely going to love this course! It is a course full of knowledge and healing!

During this 28 Days To A Rewired You program, you will interactively, through learning and action:

  • Expand your knowledge and healing for yourself: body, mind and spirit

  • Actively participate in healing modules for transformation and rewiring

  • Enhance the experience with intention practices, breathing, mudra and hand position techniques

  • Identify and implement ‘self-care’ needs during the integration days

  • Observe and journal your experiences

  • Access your own self-healing tools

  • Awaken the spark of healing life that is already with you

While this is a self-paced course, the optimum flow follows the 28 day process.

Are you ready to be the active participant in your own health and healing!

Are You ready to jump into a life you absolutely love? Let’s Do This!

We are excited to share in this amazing journey to a Rewired You!


"When I met Susan my life was in despair and turmoil. I had no self-esteem, personal direction or sense of self. I had no idea what to expect my first appointment. I had gone to massage therapist that had claimed to be reiki healers but I never did notice any difference from a regular massage. When I asked Susan what I should expect, she told me it would make subtle changes in my life. I think subtle is a small word to use considering the powerful changes and affect it's had on myself and immediate family." (Anna)

"My session with Tara Renee was key to a huge change in my life. She addressed multiple issues and picked up on related aspects, using various methods as required. She detected and cleared a small but intense energy system which undermined my well being since early childhood and was foundational to various self sabotaging attitudes. Since the session, I am more proactive, and experience all my self help activities more powerfully. My resistance to change is dissipating, and I’m progressing beyond stuck places in all aspects of my life. I absolutely recommend Tara Renee’s work. Thank you." (Barbara)

"After the first session with Susan, I felt as if 30 years of emotional stress was lifted off of me. The process of working with Susan was very different from what I expected - it required me to turn inward and focus on my feelings and to identify the emotions that were affecting my thoughts and behaviors. Doing this was hard at first but it became easier and easier with practice. I learned a lot about myself and learned how to process past experiences (and future events) in a new way - in a way that involved not only my thoughts and behavior, but my emotions too. If you want to learn more about yourself, if you want to improve your health, if you want to become more self-aware, I highly recommend working with Susan. Working with her changed my life for the better." (Isaiah)

"I cannot recommend Tara highly enough.......Love, warmth, empathy and compassion radiate from her, and she is an amazing healer, a beautiful spirit, and one of the most gifted and kindest people, that I have ever been blessed to know. I have received healing from Tara, regarding digestive issues including reflux, which was quite severe, however, these are now resolved. In addition, I have also received wonderful support from Tara, during a stressful time recently when my daughter was unwell and very anxious and I felt overwhelmed. Tara correctly diagnosed the issue and gave so much support to me and healing to my daughter. I have had contact with several different healers over the years through various different programs, but Tara has qualities that have surpassed the others, not least her healing abiities and the fact that she genuinely cares about you personally, which is evident from the moment of first contact with her." (Paula H)

Sacred Rewiring - 28 Days To A Rewired You
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