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SA 8000 - Social Accountability Certification Practice Exam

SA8000 Exam can help in proving your knowledge on SA 8000 & identifying the gaps where you need to learn the standard
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Sample Practice exam for SA 8000 Lead Auditor Exam
Self Assessment on SA 8000 Knowledge
Self Assessment on principles of Social System Accountability

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SA 8000 is an international certification standard developed by Social Accountability International. The standard empowers companies to establish, maintain and implement socially acceptable practices in the workplace. SA 8000 standard is compliant with the UN Declaration of Human Rights, different labor laws and human rights expectations. SA8000 is a voluntary standard for social compliance utilized by various third-party auditors.

Noreena Hertz said: “Transparency, accountability and sustainability have become the slogans of the market leaders. Companies carry out environmental and social audits to court the consumer, and even the bluest chips woo organizations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty.”

A Social accountability management system offers a robust framework to ensure socially acceptable workplace for employees. By helping companies on making robust procedures to avoid child labor and forced labor. SA 8000 ensures health and safety to freedom of association helping companies to detest discrimination and offering working hours and remuneration in accordance with international laws.

A Social accountability system approach is helping business achieve their objectives by improving employee and employer relationship, avoiding  employee strikes and ensuring social compliance (which is requirement of big brands for a supplier).


Why you need this exam?

If you are a professional working in the Human Resource department, Compliance department, or auditor for a third-party company. It is vital for you to know SA 8000. Knowing is not enough, you need to validate you knowledge on SA 8000 Social accountability standard. This exam will assess your knowledge on SA8000 which is the latest international Social accountability management system standard.

If you are planning to do basic auditor training course of SA 8000:2014 or advance auditor training course, this practice exam will help you to self-assess your knowledge on SA8000. This exam is not exactly on the same format as of SA 8000 Auditor exam; however it gives you a good idea to go on with that.


Exam Composition

The exam will assess you on following:

  • Compliance with laws and workplace regulations

  • Prohibition of forced labor

  • Prohibition of child labor

  • Prohibition of harassment or abuse

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Working hours

  • Freedom of association

  • Collective bargaining

  • Health and safety

  • Prohibition of discrimination


Food for Thought

If you think you are an expert in SA 8000 after taking courses on the subject

You need to hold on!

Join this exam and self-assess yourself!

Take the Practice Exam...

Be Familiar with Social Accountability knowledge which you hold...

May be you need to learn and learn...

Or you can prove your knowledge and expertise by successfully completing this exam.

Both ways, you are in a win-win situation.


Note: SA 8000:2014 standard is a copyright document of SAI. We will not be sharing any copyright standard. Please get if from SAI.

Good news: We will be adding more content for example case studies to practice tests in the future. If you feel that you lack the knowledge you can re-take SA 8000 courses.


Self-Learning Process by examining your answers with explanation: At the end of the SA 8000 assessment exam, you will be provided with a result sheet which includes correct answers as well and the reason or explanation for the answer. So this exam is itself a learning process. You can improve your learning by assessing your answers against the explanation provided.


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