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RYA Yachtmaster Online Tutorials

Be confident in your yachtmaster theory exam
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You will be confident when it comes to taking the chartwork paper in the RYA Yachtmaster theory exam

This Yachtmaster course is designed to help you pass your RYA Yachtmaster shore based chart work exam with confidence and as an aide memoire prior to taking the practical Coastal Skipper course and exam and the Yachtmaster exam. 

At Yachtmaster level we always allow for Deviation and we will have to Compute the tidal rate. We will also be expected to work more quickly through the navigational disciplines than we did at Day Skipper level.   


This course is taught by Duncan Wells, RYA instructor, features writer for Yachting Monthly, Sailing Today and Sail Magazine, author of Stress-Free Sailing, Stress-Free Motorboating, Stress-Free Navigation and Stress-Free Mooring and creator of the safety aid, MOB Lifesavers.   


You will have a lifetime access to these videos not just from you computer but also from your tablet and mobile phone (Android and iOS).  And so the videos will help you as you take your Yachtmaster shore based theory and as a refresher when you come to do your practical courses out on the water.   


The discussion feature will allow you to ask questions directly,  which can be answered either by other students or by us at Westview Sailing.   


We suggest that you start this course well in advance of your exam and that you watch each video until you really understand the concept. Whether it is Advanced Estimated Position, which may include a 2 hour plot and the need to compute the tidal rate, plus an allowance for Magnetic Variation, Deviation and Leeway, or a Secondary Port question. By the way if you have found Secondary Ports tricky, the video on this course will make them as plain as day and nothing to fear. And if you want to find out how to do 'Secondary Port Calculations in your head', get in contact. It is just a question of becoming familiar with the concept of each navigational discipline and then exam questions will be a breeze.   

We have also just added a section on weather which will give you a good grounding in weather and allow you to predict weather for yourself. Look at the pressure, look at the synoptic chart, look out of the window and marry the three up. Very soon you will be able to tell what will happen just by looking at the synoptic chart. Everything you need to sail through your yachtmaster weather paper is here.

If you are not satisfied with the course after the purchase please do contact us, if we can not solve the problem we offer a thirty (30)-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.   


Finally, we wish you good luck with your RYA exam and the course. These videos are also used by students studying for their MCA exams.       

Fair winds,   


Duncan Wells    

Westview Sailing

RYA Yachtmaster Online Tutorials
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