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Mastering Reactive Extensions with C# and .NET

A complete course on Rx.NET
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Create and consume observable sequences
Generate sequences using Observable factory methods
Quickly work with sequences using Subject classes
Combine multiple sequences into a single stream
Master time-related sequence processing

This course covers Reactive Extensions, a technology for working with streams of data in a reactive fashion. With Reactive Extensions, you can ingest, filter analyze and re-broadcast data streams. You can also build your own components which generate reactive streams for others to produce.

Reactive Extensions started its life as a .NET technology, but has since been ported to every other language imaginable, including even JavaScript. This course shows how Rx can be used specifically with C# and .NET.

Topics Covered

  • The reactive paradigm and push collections
  • Key Rx operators
  • Rx's Subject classes that help working with observable sequences
  • Fundamental Stream Operators
  • Advanced Stream Operators, including operations on multiple streams


This is an intermediate-level course, designed for serious .NET programmers wishing to expand their arsenal of .NET related skills. To take the course, you will need the following:

  • Good knowledge of C# and .NET framework
  • Good understanding of .NET application development (esp. collections/data storage)
  • Good knowledge of LINQ
  • Cursory knowledge of TPL may be benefitial

Course Materials

  • 100% hands-on, with live demonstrations of every topic covered
  • Presented in Visual Studio 2017 
  • Every lesson comes with a single-file demo 
  • End-of-section quizzes are available

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students should:

  • Understand the use of reactive sequences
  • Appreciate key observable/observer .NET interfaces and how to use them
  • Efficiently use Subject classes for setting up simple scenarios
  • Apply single-stream operators, including operators involving time
  • Apply advanced operators, including multi-stream operators
Mastering Reactive Extensions with C# and .NET
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