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Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.1 for Bridges Roads and Tunnels

Learn how to use Dynamo 2.1 for Modeling different Types of Bridges Roads and Tunnels on Revit 2020
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How to create Structural Engineers Elements for Bridges Roads and Tunnels using sets of geometrical rules
How to get a deep overview to all model elements
How to review that information assets comply with the values set.

This course it’s part of a new series of developments towards bringing Dynamo as main platform tool on BIM processes for any type of project.

Infrastructure and element analysis for linear projects are often manage with Civil 3d with out reviewing individual analysis elements, on this course we will bend the rules and aproach to the benefits of having a Dynamic Modeling Tool to create other types of results that can be review documented and quantified.

We will study ways to create elements integrated together and connect further to set construction possibilities.

We will explore custom nodes for specific aproaches so that your own toolkit can be created.

This course was develop by a client’s requirement to speed up dynamo learning focused only on Bridges Railways and Tunnels for a general use so it speed up the process of jumping to dynamo by the required practical tools, user interface tools and dynamo player capabilities.

We will explore tools for Revit Modeling, Tools for Dynamo Programming, Mixed Tools for Bridges

This course it’s a recommended next step for Dynamo Modeling with Structure

Dynamo its been used all over the world for speeding up Revit Models, Enabling impossible modeling, Project Management, QTOS and Documents, and to set around workflows between different types.

Unravel your full potential for Modeling and Programming and enjoy at any time the freedom of posibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.

Take advantage of posting questions, and join on all channels to be uptodate for all the amazing posibilities that in any time can transform your way of working, to change it forever

Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.1 for Bridges Roads and Tunnels
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