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Rust Programming For Beginners

Learn the fundamentals of how to code and develop software applications using the Rust programming language.
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Fundamentals of computer programming concepts such as conditional logic, loops, and data transformations.
How real-life requirements can be translated into working applications.
Solid understanding of the basics of Rust programming.
How to make your programs reliable through the use of automated testing and by leveraging features of the Rust language.

This course is for the beginner who wants to learn how to code without getting overwhelmed by technical jargon and computer science topics. Rust Programming For Beginners is specifically designed to teach the core programming concepts necessary to get started building applications while also providing a solid foundation for future learning.

The best way to learn programming is to write engaging and interesting programs. This course features 30 coding exercises to complement the lectures, and are designed with real-world applications in mind. Each exercise presents a problem with hints on how to implement a solution, so you can get the practice you need to be successful. The exercises are accompanied with a video demonstrating a possible implementation for the exercise, and line-by-line commentary on how the code accomplishes the task and why it works.

The information in this course is introduced in a thoughtful order, which means you will always be aware of what every bit of code in a program is doing, and how it works the way it does. There is no need to wait until later in the course, or to study more advanced topics, in order to fully understand the code when presented. This is accomplished by building up knowledge through concise, easy to follow lectures that can be reviewed quickly.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Critical concepts necessary to work with code, without overwhelming detail

  • Creation of digital solutions for real-world problems

  • Reading and writing application code in the Rust programming language

  • Utilization of the Rust ecosystem to efficiently develop applications

  • Automated testing to enhance the reliability of your solutions

  • How to make your projects easier to work with through the use of generated documentation

  • Foundational computer science topics such as computer memory, program logic, and simple data structures

This course isn't just for beginner programmers, but any programmer who wishes to learn Rust. If you have experience coding in a high level memory-managed language such as Python, JavaScript, or C#, then this course is a great introduction to the Rust programming language and it's unique memory model and syntax.

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Rust Programming For Beginners
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