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RUSSIAN PRONUNCIATION GUIDE: Learn Russian Pronunciation

SPECIAL BONUS: Practice Russian Pronunciation with Russian Tongue Twisters!
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Students will be able to learn Russian alphabet, and Russian pronunciation as well as perfect Russian pronunciation of different sounds, vowels and consonants. It will become much easier for them to read Russian.

Are you struggling with Russian pronunciation? 

Don't worry. All you need is my Russian Pronunciation Guide video course!

Russian Pronunciation Guide video course will teach you the correct pronunciation and will help you build confidence pronouncing Russian words and speaking Russian fast and with confidence.  


  • 8 video lessons

  • Printable PDF lessons

  • Printable PDF slides

  • Workbooks with exercises to help you practice Russian pronunciation

  • PDF and Audio Keys to all exercises

There are 8 lectures in this video course where you will learn everything from Russian alphabet to how to pronouncing individual Russian sounds and combination of sounds.

You will have tons of opportunity to practice!

This video course comes with the Workbook with exercises and PDF and Audio Keys (answers to all exercises in printable and recorded format) giving you plenty of opportunity to practice your Russian pronunciation.

With Russian Pronunciation Guide you will learn everything you need to know about Russian pronunciation and will have tons of opportunity to practice! 

Topics covered in the Russian Pronunciation Guide Video Course:

Lecture 1: Russian Alphabet

Lecture 2: Russian Vowels

Lecture 3: Russian Vowels Е, Ё, Ю, Я

Lecture 4: Russian Hard and Soft Consonants

Lecture 5: Russian Voiced and Voiceless Consonants

Lecture 6: Practicing pronouncing Й and И, И and Ы, Ь and Ъ,–ТСЯ and –ТЬСЯ, and letter P

Lecture 7: Russian Letters г and ч. Pronunciation of combination of consonants

Lecture 8: Russian Stress and Intonation

SPECIAL BONUS: Russian Tongue Twisters

  • 10 Video lessons

  • Focusing on difficult to pronounce Russian letters and sounds ы, у, ё, ю, я, й, р, ж, ш, щ, ч, з, ль, мь, рь, cь, ть and many more

  • Downloadable MP3 recordings

  • Downloadable slides of each lesson

  • Downloadable scripts of each lesson

  • Stress above all Russian words that are longer than one syllable

  • All Russian tongue twisters have been translated into English

  • Every Russian tongue twister is repeated twice (slowly and fast)

My special Bonus Russian Tongue Twisters focuses on Russian letters, sounds and combinations of sounds that are usually very difficult to pronounce for Russian language students. 

You can watch the videos, print the lessons, download the recordings and practice Russian pronunciation with Russian tongue twisters on the go: while jogging, driving, taking your dog for a walk, and so on.

RUSSIAN PRONUNCIATION GUIDE: Learn Russian Pronunciation
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