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Learn Russian pronunciation with singing

Use the power of your voice to enjoy Russian sounds
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Learn Russian alphabet and sounds
100+ Russian words and expressions
The basics of Russian intonation
Educate your voice to expresss your feelings
Drive energy and strength to your voice
Remove the obstacles that prevent you from speaking fluently
Receive personal recommendations on your pronunciation

This is a course to give you a deeper experience of the Russian sounds. It’s focused on breathing, singing and connecting with your voice and your body. The course contains pronunciation practice as well as practices from sound healing and voice yoga. We will go progressively through all difficult Russian sounds and combination of sounds. At the classes I will also teach you basic Russian words and expressions as well as basic grammar and intonation rules. As we go together through all pronunciation difficulties you will receive the tools for self-check as well as practices to become more fluent and confident in speaking Russian. Have fun with it

Learn Russian pronunciation with singing
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