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Russian Language Alphabet

Learn alphabet, pronunciation rules and basic vocabulary
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Beginner Russian Language
The structure about how to learn Russian

Do you know the Russian alphabet? Can you say these words: "царь", "щука", "машина", "лыжи"?

Whether you want to learn the Russian alphabet or enhance your pronunciation, I welcome you to take this FREE course.

This interactive and well-structured course will supply you with tricks of pronunciation and memorization of the Russian alphabet and beginner vocabulary. Katia Artyushenko makes learning Russian a fun game, rather than a struggle.

This is the first course of the series "Learning Russian in 7 steps". This course will inspire you to learn the Russian language. After going through this course, you’ll also be able to sound like a native speaker – >memorize alphabet, pronunciation, and basic vocabulary – > learn Russian faster.

The course will answer the following questions:

  • How signing will help to learn the order of letters?

  • How Images and associations can help you remember letters and words?

  • What are voiced and devoiced consonants?

  • What are soft and hard consonants?

  • What do iotated vowels do?

  • Can you hear and pronounce the difference between vowels: "Ы" and "И", "Е" and "Ё", "У" and "Ю", "А" and "Я"?

  • Pronounce difficult consonants correctly: "Ж", "Ш", "Щ", "Ц", "Ч"

The foundation of this course is based on the principles of associations. Words of associations, pictures, body gestures are powerful learning tools that optimize your brain’s memory abilities. So not only will you learn a language quickly, you’ll remember the chain of associations forever. You can use this technic with any study.

The lectures start from looking at the whole alphabet and singing the alphabet song. Then we will look at each letter and the vocabulary that best represents these letters. We will look at the situations when the same letters sound differently.

After the Alphabet course, you can start expanding your vocabulary and learn Russian grammar. You can take my course for level A1 "Learn Russian in 7 steps".


Russian Language Alphabet
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