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Learn Russian Language - Russian For Beginners 2

Learn Russian noun genders, number and cases. Learn Russian grammar system and enrich your lexis with new words!
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To learn Russian language grammar system
To build sentences according to Russian grammar rules
To enrich lexis

Though the Russian language is complex language for learning, its grammar system has logical structure. Anyone who will study Russian diligently will find Russian grammar not so difficult to understand.

In this course you will learn Russian grammar, focusing on nouns:

  • noun genders, number, cases;
  • adjective endings;
  • verb endings, tenses.

Besides grammar lectures, you will find a lot of illustrated lexical topics with new words and texts to listen and read, for example:

  • My Family
  • Grocery Store
  • Days of Week. A Daily Routine
  • Animals
  • Seasons
  • Hobbies
  • Professions, etc.

There are also exercises to practice and quizzes in most sections.

You will also get a downloadable PDF with compilation of this course grammar (about 30 pages) and illustrated lexical topics PDF (15 pages).

Duration of the course video lectures is about 2.5 hours. To complete all the exercises, quizzes, to read included texts and to scrupulously study all the grammar rules you will need much more time.

It is impossible to learn Russian just memorizing a set of phrases or by sentence models because in Russian words in sentences are used in the required case. You need to understand clearly how to change words, what form to use, how to combine words together, what case to use with particular preposition, etc. All this — cases values, ending changes, prepositions use and more — you will find in this course lectures with explanations, examples and exercises.

We hope You will love Russian language!

Learn Russian Language - Russian For Beginners 2
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