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Russian Cursive Handwriting

Start learning Russian language with this course. Master your cursive handwriting.
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How to write Russian cursive letters
How to connect letters into words
How to gain speed in writing
Practice reading different handwriting styles
Practice writing more than 80 words following video instruction

Russian cursive makes you cry sometimes? This what popular internet memes say.

But I can change the situation and, Russian cursive will make you happy!

If you already started to learn Russian, it is never too late to build a new skill.

You will easily do it with this course.

  • First three lessons have detailed videos on how to move your hand and explanation of common mistakes.

  • The 4th lesson explains how to make connections between letters.

  • Then we’ll write whole words.

  • When you know the basics, I’ll show you the tricks on how to write letters even quicker.

  • You’ll be able to test your skill by writing a pangram, a sentence that contains all letters of the Russian alphabet.

  • I also asked my friends to write some words for you. So you’ll train to understand different handwriting styles.

  • And as a bonus, you will have a video with 35 words to practice your writing.

I carefully selected particular words that sound similar in English, so it will be comfortable for you to write them and don’t require any knowledge of Russian. You will write more than 80 words while doing different tasks during this course!

Don’t hurry, learn slowly, and practice for 10 minutes a day for a week to develop good neural connections and let your muscles remember the movements.

Make a photo of your first assignment and week after to see the progress.

Join the course today!

And let’s make our world beautiful with our cursive handwriting!

Russian Cursive Handwriting
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