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Paint a Rural Scene in Watercolour | Incredible Realism

Learn how to paint this stunning rural scene using Watercolor. Get INCREDIBLE realism and detail with fine brushes.
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Learn AMAZING New Watercolour Techniques
Understand building colours and layers with watercolour
Understand how to paint skies, buildings, foliage and more

When I first started using Watercolour in 1980 I was inspired to copy the great artists such as Constable, Quinton and others. I couldn’t get on with oil or acrylic so turned my hand at watercolour.

As I had never gone to art school I just went with my instincts and had fun!

Because I tried to copy the great artists, the techniques I developed were completely unique and unlike any other watercolour pictures I saw.

I remained self taught, learnt as I went along and what you’ll see in this course is a result of years of learning through mistakes and finding what worked.

You’ll also see techniques never before attempted with watercolour (as far as I know). My watercolour pictures, even though they’re “impressionistic”, have a sense of realism about them.

In this course I’ll give you an outline drawing so that you can print this straight to watercolour paper or trace it using a carbon. I’ll also show you the materials I use in my watercolour work.

Then we’ll get started with the paintings which are split into “easy to digest” parts.

With this course you will learn to paint a beautiful rural scene. You'll learn how to get incredible detail with fine brushes. Learn to paint buildings, skies, foliage and more.

I hope you enjoy learning my watercolour techniques, once you are finished, please do share your artwork via the Q & A section or message us using Udemy's messaging tools.

Paint a Rural Scene in Watercolour | Incredible Realism
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