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Running Retrospectives for Sprints, Projects and Programs

How-To for PMO taking Retros to wider communities than just software
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NOTE - I've more content over the current 66 lectures/ 4 hrs in preparation (as at Jan 20 should load this week)
Two-Speed Course - Fast track What to do and MasterClass How to Do It
Prepare, Run and Follow-up a Retrospective
Spread agile software dev's best ideas to other non-software environments
Of course you can still apply to software!
A PMO's guide to making Retros as a PMO service offering (You don't have to be a PMO!)

What to do (FastTrack) and How to do (MasterClass) for facilitating Retrospectives.

This course can be applied to software sprint retros AND it can be applied to any other field where capability improvement in a team or across teams is desired.

There is concept, framework, techniques and tools in here and the content is Two-Speed (like our risk course) - Do the FastTrack and if you've the skills and experience to fill the gaps your done. If not the MasterClass will fill the gaps [Or do the MasterClass then use the Fast Track as your periodic - before action - quick refresher]

Running Retrospectives for Sprints, Projects and Programs
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