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Learn a new powerful way to run. Become a conscious runner!
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I will teach you mindfulness during running and you will learn the secrets on how you can connect your soul with your body while overcoming any problem you will encounter in your life
I will reveal to you the secrets of an ancient science that will help you to control your body, to resist tiredness, and to create a constant point of non-fatigue inside of you; this will be your goal
You will become familiar with how to link and receive instructions from your body parts in order to reduce stress while exercising
You will learn how to feel and talk silently with your heart and double your performance
We will talk about nutrition, and you will learn that endurance is just an energetic balance between 3 main points: the body, the mind and the consciousness
We will study neurons, and you will learn how the thought can influence and affects your body
You will learn to listen and recognize blocking mind paradigms that pop up when you start running
I will give you some golden keys as to how to change your mind paradigms while running
Using these techniques, you will be able to run longer, effortlessly, shape your body by losing weight, and find your real will power in life
This training will help you to create strength within you and you will gain stability in running as well as in your everyday life

Run with body and soul is a complete running training suitable for runners, athletes, and everyone who wants to feel good physically and mentally. I created this course for all those who are hungry for vitality, i.e., who want to have a healthy and well-trained body and mind. Additionally, for all those who want to lose weight, this course will help them to acquire a concept of well-being in their minds in body and in life.

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