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Run Odoo in the Cloud with Amazon EC2 Free Tier Servers

Create a Free Tier Amazon EC2 Server to launch your Odoo Instance in the Cloud. Learn to configure your Odoo AWS Server.
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Create a free tier Ubuntu server on Amazon EC2
Access your EC2 Amazon Server using Putty
Configure Ubuntu and dependencies required to install Odoo
Install Odoo from the source code on Github
Test your Odoo installation and create an Odoo Configuration File
Use Nginx to access your Odoo installation from your own domain name
Create a startup script to startup Odoo when your Ubuntu server reboots

NOTICE:  This course is to learn how to install Odoo version 9.  We have a new course if you are installing Odoo version 11.

We are not able to link directly to the Odoo 11 version of this course but you can find it by looking through the other courses by this instructor, Odoo Class Videos.  It is titled Run Odoo 11 in the Cloud with Amazon EC2 Free Tier Servers. 


This course shows step-by-step how to run Odoo 9 in the cloud using Amazon's EC2 Free Tier servers. We start right at the beginning with setting up your AWS account and show you how to pick the free Ubuntu 14.04 server tier that will run your Odoo installation and launch the instance right from the AWS console.

Install Odoo in the Cloud on Amazon's EC2 Servers - Use the FREE Tier!

If you have never installed Odoo before, this course is for you. Maybe you have been able to get Odoo installed and running but have struggled setting up and configuring Odoo so it is easily accessible by your own domain name.  If you are in that spot in which you can 'kind of' get Odoo running but want more knowledge on how to use Odoo in the cloud this course is for you.

We then take you all the way to a fully working Odoo installation you can access from your own domain name. The course leaves nothing out.

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I recommend Odoo Class for anyone want to learn Odoo, they have a very high quality videos for both functional and technical

- Vyas S.

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- Peter Y.

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- John P.

NOTICE - If you are an active Odoo Class subscriber, this video is included with your subscription. Please login to your Odoo Class subscription to get access to this course.

Here are some of the course highlights:

  • See how to launch a free cloud server using Amazon AWS EC2

  • Learn exactly how to access your server using the key provided by Amazon

  • Install Odoo 9 from the source code repository

  • See how to test your Odoo install quickly and securely

  • Create an Odoo configuration file to launch your Odoo server

  • Learn how to use Nginx to link your own domain to your Odoo instance

  • Make a boot script that will automatically launch Odoo when your server reboots

With this course you will be up and running your Odoo server on Amazon in no time.

Why would I want to use the Cloud to run Odoo?

One of the best reasons for running Odoo in the cloud is it allows you to take advantage of reliability and redundancy that is very difficult to replicate in a local IT center you would run in your own company. Amazon has experts at every level of security, backups, networking, and performance monitoring that takes a lot of risk away from trying to host Odoo on your own machines in your office.

You can try Odoo in the Cloud Risk Free with Amazon EC2!

If you are thinking about hosting Odoo in the Cloud or on Amazon EC2 this course was designed just for you. From setting up the account to accessing Odoo from your own domain name we have made sure to cover all the essentials for getting you started with Odoo in the cloud.

Run Odoo in the Cloud with Amazon EC2 Free Tier Servers
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