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Rules of Composition

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Use framing, angles, shadows, color and patterns to create a great shot

Your camera is a machine that sees differently than your eye, which means that sometimes a photograph will not turn out the way you might expect. The eleven lessons in Rules of Composition work separately and combined with each other to help you develop your own signature style. Maybe you want to create a sense of frenzy within the image, pushing the viewer’s eye to dart back and forth and up and down within the frame. Perhaps the story you want to tell is framed in such a way to convey a subject who is completely alone and unobserved, or perhaps the opposite, challenging the camera with humor, hostility or irony. Learn how different colors can create different moods. Develop easy to learn techniques to make your subject appear tiny and powerless or bold and dominate. And then of course, there is lots of fun in breaking the rules once you know them.

Rules of Composition
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