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Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom for beginners

The only philosophy book you ever need for life! A new type of thinking.
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A philosophy for life and new type of thinking

This course covers Rudolf Steiner's most important book, The Philosophy of Freedom. I will explain the main points and difficult passages of each chapter so that the reader can have an easy time comprehending the content without much toil.

The Philosophy of Freedom is a great introduction to Western Philosophy as it addresses essential philosophical ideas such as thinking, feeling, willing, concept/ideas, motives of action, monism, dualism, individuality, evolution, pessimism, optimism, materialism, spiritualism, thing-in-itself, freedom in action and thinking, and human goals and purposes. After you read this great introduction to philosophy, you will have an advantage in talking about psychology, philosophy, and even theology. Steiner brings into his argument many famous names of philosophy such Spinoza, Kant, Hartmann, and Fichte. Preview

Teachers in Waldorf education, and even public school teachers, can use many of the ideas covered in the course in their high school classrooms. This book is also a good foundation for Rudolf Steiner's other books and ideas.

Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom for beginners
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