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Ruby on Rails 5 - BDD, RSpec and Capybara

Learn behavior-driven development by developing realtime Rails applications
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Build robust web applications using Ruby on Rails complete with test suite
Build your own prototypes for social media apps
Apply for jobs that have automated testing as a requirement
Apply principles learnt here to any framework

Rails 5 with real-time features is finally here! Ruby on Rails 5 - Behavior Driven Development (BDD), RSpec and Capybara provides a thorough introduction to BDD and using it to build web applications using the popular Ruby on Rails framework. Students in my courses routinely land lucrative jobs in the web app development world just using material taught in my courses, including (but not limited to) being Teaching Assistants!

Why BDD to build web applications? The advantages are numerous, and feature specs used extensively in BDD read like plain English which allow end users (business analysts, development teams, client teams among others) and developers to easily communicate with each other using BDD tools. In addition, it is easy for the end users to write the features themselves.

This course is designed for students who have some basic Ruby on Rails or web application development experience who want to take their skills to the next level but have limited or no experience in BDD, automated testing or using tools like RSpec, Capybara, Guard.

Why should students who have Rails experience (any level) take this course?

- Rails 5 - the latest and greatest version of Rails along with it's real-time features applied to chat and comments displayed thoroughly in this course!

- Behavior Driven Development is the focus of this course, the principles of automated testing can easily transcend frameworks!

- RSpec and Capybara experience for automated testing is necessary as a Rails developer, this is covered thoroughly in this course!

- Emulating browser based user behavior to complete a business process from beginning to end, covered thoroughly in this course!

- This is a big resume booster, knowledge and usage of RSpec and automated testing is very important to potential employers and most of the Rails community uses this!

- Complete coverage in terms of features, ALL features are built on basis of automated testing specs, not just selective features

- Build two complex and functional web apps including the featured workout social media web app 

Some other key aspects of this course are:

- Two functioning web apps with full feature coverage

- Rails 5.0 with ActionCable using cloud-based IDE

- Migrations, one-to-many and many-to-many associations

- much, much more!

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Ruby on Rails 5 - BDD, RSpec and Capybara
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