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Ruby Programming for Beginners [2020]

Trusted by Airbnb, Twitter and Shopify. The object oriented language that is designed for developer satisfaction.
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How to program in Ruby from scratch
How to write Ruby files and run them from Command Line
How to accept user input and process it with Ruby code
How to use Arrays, Dates, Strings, Integers and more
Create Objects, Classes and Class Inheritance
Build text based interactive games in Ruby

The only up to date course you will find on Ruby Programming in 2020.

Ruby is an object oriented language that is a great option for anyone wanting to learn to write code.

Ruby was created for developer satisfaction, with the language being very easy to learn and lightweight in comparison to many other verbose languages and frameworks.

Ruby on Rails is trusted by huge companies such as Airbnb, Twitter, Shopify and Github. In this course we will focus on learning how to use the underlying language (Ruby) that was used to build these great web platforms.

One of the most attractive benefits you will discover with Ruby is the ability to create working products FAST! Forget writing verbose boilerplate code to do simple tasks. Ruby has been hugely popular with many startups and a highly sought after skillset in tech hubs like Silicon Valley due to the flexibility Ruby and Ruby on Rails provides to development teams.

Throughout this course we will discuss each step that we are taking and and towards the end of the course we will build 2 projects using Ruby. Source code will be provided (github) at the end of each project.

Ruby Programming for Beginners [2020]
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