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Rubberhose Character Animation

A complete guide into character animation with Rubberhose
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They will learn how to rig and create walkcycle and run cycle with rubberhose

Hello and welcome to Rubberhose character animation in this course you will learn How to Rig, Animate walkcycle, and Runcycle with Rubberhose.

at first we will have an introductory part where you will learn the Fundamentals of Rigging and you will learn how Rubberhose works , then we start to create walk cycle we will learn how to set tempo and how we approach different characters with bad design ,

then we will dive into animating run cycles. how to work with Photoshop layers how to work with graph editor and many more tips.

This course is good for those who want to learn character animation in easiest way possible so welcome and lets begin

Rubberhose Character Animation
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