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Rubber Band Origami

The Ultimate Rubber Band Art Course - What a single Rubber Band can teach you.
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Use a single rubber band to make the English alphabets for A to Z, numbers from 0-9, Geometric shapes, Mathematical signs and other host of miscellaneous things.

Are you a parent, wanting to teach your kids the alphabets, numbers and shapes in a fun and interesting way?

Are you a teacher wanting to make learning alphabets, numbers and shapes fun and interesting?

Are you a lover finding ways express your love in unique ways?

Or, are you someone just wanting to learn something new and something creative?

Then, this course is for you.

Hi, my name is Salman and I will be showing you how to make the English alphabets, numbers, geometric shapes, mathematical signs and a host of other fun and interesting thing with just one rubber band. 

The only thing you will require is a rubber band and some patience. 

Rubber Band Origami
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