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Rub off my favorite garment

Copying your best garment
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copying there favorite garment

Everyone has their favorite garment, a pair of trousers that fit perfectly, a top like a second skin , what is yours?

How can we copy these garments without cutting them into pieces?

You can do this !

This course is for all levels ,you don't need any prequisits.

Sure you should be able to sew a little bit.After the rub off you get your patterns and then finally you have to sew them.

And you will be happy about the result.

You need only a few tools to do your rub off : muslin ,pins ,pencil,ruler , measuring tape and sissoirs.

In this course I will show how to do the rub off: copying the pattern and then making a new piece.I will show you step by step how to copy the pattern .Then you are able to sew your best piece!

I demonstrate in this course how to copy a pair of trousers (asymetric) .

You will see how to copy  the trousers: the two fronts, the back and the waistband.

In this video you will also learn how to copy pleats ,darts ,patch pocket and insert pocket.And with this knowlegde you will be able to copy any garment.

After this course you will be able to create a new favorite garment, in the future you will have only favorite garments in your closet!

Pick a beloved piece and let's start the course!

Rub off my favorite garment
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