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3D Game Development with RTS Creator

Learn the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre, using RTS Creator
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Learn how to create Classic RTS game
Larn how to create Space RTS game
Be familiar of RTS Creator Features and Functions and know how to use them
Learn how to upload Assets
Learn how to create and publish stand alone exe
Potential Marketplaces for your creation
Understand the logic of RTS Creator
Can search for information in the game engine manual and apply it to practice

Learn how to make Real Time Strategy game by using RTS Creator, whit this tool anyone can create and design an RTS game!

RTS Creator is the easy way to create Real Time Strategy games for Windows. With this course you will learn how. No prior coding experience is required! It might not be the best program on the markets, but with RTS Creator you can quite easily create a many kind of genres of RTS game and game engine itself only costs $9,99€, coming with assets with value $300-500€. For a skilled developer (which you will be after this course) it can be a powerful tool!

Imagine creating a RTS game that you and your friends come to look and play... or you can even create and publish stand alone exe's with no restrictions! If you have ever dreamed about creating a Command & Conquer -stylish game, this engine and lecture is worth of taking a look! And creating it could be a matter of minutes with no coding or technical knowledge needed!

With RTS Creator you can create a variety Real Time Strategy style games including the following: Classic, Adventure, Tower Defence, Space and 2D.

RTS Creator provides everything you need to quickly create your own Real Time Strategy games! You are free to distribute the games you create without any restrictions.

This course will train you step by step how to use the RTS Creator game engine to develop your dream game. Course includes helpful resources, practice, demonstrations and examples.

Learning by Mistake -teaching method

On section 6 (creating the level) you will learn using the engine with Learning by Mistake -teaching method way, while we create together your first game with RTS Creator. We will take a look about common mistakes, questions and way to fix them. We encourage you to give feedback about this new concept of learning.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete a course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

3D Game Development with RTS Creator
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