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Build Your Own RealTime OS (RTOS) From Ground Up™ on ARM 1

Build Your Own RealTime Operating Systems from first principles . Practice on STM32 and TIVA C boards
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Build a Real-Time Operating System from Scratch
Build Round-Robin Schedulers
Build Cooperative Schedulers
Build Periodic Schedulers
Build First Come First Served Scheduler
Build Rate Monotonic Schedulers
Build a board support package from scratch
Calculate the CPU Utilization of an RTOS
Write Bare-Metal Embedded-C Code
Write Assembly code
Understand the OS Support Features of the Cortex-M Architecture
Understand the Internals of an RTOS Kernel
Be Implement to implement and explain popular scheduling algorithms
Be able to explain the Cortex-M Architecture
Be able to give a lecture on Real-Time Operating Systems

This course teaches you how to build a Real-Time Operating Systems through intensive practice and theory. It starts by getting you excited through an introduction to the internals of a Real-Time Kernel on ARM Processors, which you shall implement yourself in code.Then we move on to learn all there  is about Real-Time Operating Systems, their various parts, how they work and then we finally build our own Real-Time Operating System exploring different scheduling algorithms and Inter-Thread communication tools. 

At the end of this course you should be able to build your own Real-Time Operating System from scratch, give your own lecture on Real-Time Operating Systems, be able to build a Round-Robin Scheduler, be able to build a Periodic Scheduler, be able to calculate the CPU utilization of your RTOS, be able to build an OS Kernel etc. Please see the course curriculum section to find out all the amazing content awaiting you. 

Build Your Own RealTime OS (RTOS) From Ground Up™ on ARM 1
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