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RTC using Socket.IO 4.x and React JS 17.x with React Hooks

Learn how to build RTC applications using Socket.IO 4.x, MongoDB and React JS 17.x using function components with hooks
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Basics of Socket IO library
Understand Socket IO Server and Client APIs
Understand the problems which you will face while building RTC applications and solutions for each problem
Database communication using Socket IO
How to broadcast messages when data is updated out of Socket IO applications
Learning Server and Client side Socket IO APIs by build number of applications using Express JS framework and React JS library
Use RxJS Observable in React JS
How to display KPI chart
Migration to Socket IO 4.x
Functional Components using React hooks

Have you ever thought of building real-time communication applications for your clients or in your organization? Are you tired of writing the same old long polling logic to get the updates from your databases? Do you want to share live updates of the data across two or more than two applications? Do you work with live stocks or tweets kind of applications?

As you know our clients or customers would like to get quick and live updates of the information like stocks, currencies, the sales data, tweets etc. Or they want to build live collaborative applications for the customers/in-house projects. This is where we can think of Real-time Communication and we can achieve that using one of the most popular library Socket.IO. Easy to learn and easy to implement.

This course is a complete hands-on course where we will take few real-time scenarios and develop several applications step-by-step. At the end of this course, you will have better understanding of Socket.IO library and you will be able use this library to build RTC applications. We will build several client application using React JS library along with RxJS Observable.

Important Note - This course now is updated from Socket.IO 2.x to 4.x along with React JS 17.x. Also, we are using React function components with hooks.

RTC using Socket.IO 4.x and React JS 17.x with React Hooks
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