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Smashing Roundhouse Kicks!

Watch this to learn the best Roundhouse Kick breakdowns!
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You will learn the powerful Roundhouse kick techniques.
Muay Thai striking and defense

The Roundhouse Kick is the most powerful weapon in the Muay Thai arsenal. But, what are the principles that make it so? You are going to learn all the best kept secrets behind shifting your weight, locking the hips and generating force. Plus, you will discover a variety of ways to execute the Roundhouse kick, from the top of the shin down, to the cross body kick and more...

This is a must have course for any Muay Thai enthusiast, who wants to take their game to the next level. With 15 video segments (109 min content) you will get a full breakdown of 5 types of Thai Style Roundhouse Kicks. This course also includes partner drills for defense and blocking, how to kick the heavy bag and pad drills for endurance.

Now, check out the Introduction and follow the build up to the most comprehensive Roundhouse Kick course available today!

Smashing Roundhouse Kicks!
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