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Physics: Rotation, Rolling & Torque (AP Physics & IGCSE)

45 lessons | 4.5 hrs. Also relevant for students of high school, IIT JEE and NEET
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Angular variables - Velocity, Displacement & Acceleration
Equations in Rotation Vs. equations in Linear motion
Concept of Angular Velocity and Acceleration
Kinetic Energy of Rotating Bodies
Rolling, Rotation and Torque
Mechanics of a Rolling Mass on an Inclined Plane
Physics behind a YOYO
Angular Momentum and its Direction
Why Torque = dL/dt?
Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum

How can you become really good at Rotation, Rolling, Torque and Momentum?

This course covers rotational motion, rolling , angular momentum and torque. Lesson 1 to 9 covers Rotation. There are several examples of motion in daily life that are rotational in nature, like a merry-go round, a golf ball spinning about its axis or you trying to open the door of your house. Through the lessons included in this module, understand what are rotational variables and how we can interconnect them to make sense of what is happening. The course also delves into more nuanced parts of rotation that are parallel axis theorem and moment of inertia.

From Lesson 10 to 15, we cover rolling motion, torque and angular momentum. The angular variables of such motion, when studied,  explain a lot of real life situations in a beautiful way. As an example, the linear velocity of a point on top of a wheel of a bicycle has twice the velocity of that of the center of mass and the bottom of the wheel has zero velocity. It seems unbelievable but make sense as you read the last 6 lessons.

These are fantastic concepts that  will lay a strong theoretical foundation for you and help you with competitive exams like IIT JEE or NEET. The course makes use of calculus in certain places

Physics: Rotation, Rolling & Torque (AP Physics & IGCSE)
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