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Condition Monitoring System interview MCQ

Fundamental Question on Condition Monitoring of Rotating M/c, Predictive Maintenance, Vibration Measurement and Analysis
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Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance
Vibration Measurement, Vibration Analysis, Reliability improvement
Importance of Condition Monitoring, Advantages & Disadvantages

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What is Condition monitoring ?

Condition monitoring (CM) is a maintenance approach that predicts machine health and safety through the combination of machine sensor data that measures vibration and other parameters (in real-time) with state-of-the-art machine monitoring software. This approach enables plant maintenance technicians to remotely monitor the health of each individual piece of machinery and also offers a holistic, plant-wide view of mechanical operations. Condition monitoring software sends an alert whenever a change is detected in machine health, enabling your maintenance technicians to immediately assess the situation and determine if corrective action is required.

*************What You Will Learn****************************

"Understanding vibration analysis will give you the tools necessary to improve the operating performance and reliability of your company’s rotating machinery."

A successful condition monitoring program begin first with Detection - measuring machine vibrations to determine changes in condition. If we see significant changes, we Analyze the data to pinpoint problems and prepare maintenance time-lines. If necessary, we schedule maintenance or repairs on the machine to Correct the problem. Additional measurements are then taken to Verify that we did indeed fix the problem. Finally, you will study data history to determine the Root Cause so that we can keep it from happening again if the problem is a constantly reoccurring one.

  • Why Protect and Monitor

  • The main goal is to identify potential problems before they become a threat to the safety of workers and to the operating condition of the machinery and the plant.

  • Predictive Maintenance with Condition Monitoring is progressively changing the face of industrial maintenance from an expensive, never-ending emergency response to an efficiently organized Total Productive Program.

  • In this Quiz, You will learn the difference between Reactive and Proactive Maintenance and the basic principles of Predictive Maintenance.

  • How Vibration Analysis is the best indicator of the condition of machines with rotating parts.

  • A good Predictive Maintenance Program will ensure that the machinery in your plant will operate at its maximum potential, reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity.

  • Understanding of the basic theory of machine vibrations is essential to the effectiveness of a successful Predictive Maintenance Program. In this Quiz you will learn that vibration amplitude can be expressed in units of displacement, velocity, or acceleration. You will also learn that displacement is the peak-to-peak movement of the vibrating object; that velocity is the speed at which displacement occurs; and that acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.

  • You will also have an understanding of the conversions we use to express amplitude in Root-Mean-Square, Peak-to-Peak, and derived Peak values, and the relationship between phase measurements and phase angles.

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Condition Monitoring System interview MCQ
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