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Root Cause Analysis 2021:Stepwise course for all Beginners

Root Causes Analysis for Six Sigma Business Project Management Quality Management Lean Management and Change Management
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Locate and define the problems in any service or business
Find the major possible causes of those problems
Finding the root causes of the problems
Finding the solutions of the problems
Taking suitable actions to solve the problems

Starting with WHY-Why you should consider taking this course ?

1. Feature- This is the only course in RCA so far in UDEMY that describes RCA techniques with different software; Minitab, Companion and Excel. Also, we make sure, you need no prior knowledge using these software while going through this course as this course is self explanatory.

Why? In the present practical world, its not just enough that you only learn the theory. You should be able to use and derive solutions using RCA tools.

2. Feature- This course covers more than 10 simulated and real business case studies for ease of your understanding.

Why? Why not? You should be confident enough to use RCA after seeing how the tools are used in the business and service world.

3. Feature- This course doesn’t just deal with Root Cause analysis but also its management and control part.

Why? Finding some cause as a root of the failure and eliminating them (like what you have learnt in other books) just doesn’t make sense. This course helps you to manage that failure and also make sure that such failures doesn’t get repeated over time with our control features.

4. Feature- Lots of links and resources.

Get yourself equipped with bonus contents, links to certification and courses, links to articles about the topic, links to slides, templates, questionnaire, exams etc.

Why? You should be able to use technology and resources in order to deal with any topics in depth.

5. Feature- Link to questionnaire, exams, training and certification

Why? You should be able to see whether you have made any improvement regarding knowledge and skills.

6. Feature- A step by step approach in solving RCA problems

Why- Whether you are a rookie or a pro, the systematized content helps to digest the ideas of course efficiently.

Business, services, manufacturing and management sectors often face wide range of problems that needs effort to locate, solve, control and manage. Often in deep investigation there is always either a unique cause or set of inter-related causes of the problems that poses huge management, time and financial losses. Root cause analysis is the process of discovering the root causes of problems in order to identify appropriate solutions. It is the process of defining, understanding and solving a problem.

In this course we will first be learning to locate and define the business problems, we will then try to find the major possible causes of those problems and funnel down to find the root cause of the problem. We will then search for the solutions and then take actions to solve those problems …..we are not all done yet….we will further Measure and Access whether the solution actually eliminated the original problem under consideration. Unlike the usual root cause analysis practices, this course is thus not only focussing on searching for root cause but their solution and management for future best practices as well….

By the end of this course you will be able to

I. locate and define the problems using tools such as

Project Risk Assessment

1. Team selection

2. Stakeholder analysis

3. Responsibility Assignment (RACI Matrix)

4. Time Planning (Gantt Chart)

II. you will also be able to find the major possible causes with

1. Brainstorming and e-brainstorming

2. Process Mapping (Flowcharts and value stream mapping

3. Fishbone diagrams

III. Finding the root causes of the problem with

1. Cause and effect matrix

2. Tree diagram

3. 5 Whys

4. Fault Tree Analysis

5. Pareto Analysis

6. Scatter Diagram

7. Histogram

8. Spaghetti diagram

IV. Find Solutions of the problem with

1.  Benchmarking

2·  Brainstorming

V. Take Actions using tools such as,

1· Force Field Analysis,

2· Impact Effort Matrix,

3· Change Effectiveness

VI. You will also be able to Measure and Access whether the solution actually eliminated the original problem under consideration using some tools such as

1. Pilot study

2. Poka-Yoke

3. RCA Report

And What’s New and Extra in this particular course?

- 23 Root Cause Analysis Tools

-real life and simulated case studies to showcase actual use of all these tools.

-Plenty of minitab and excel tutorials that can let you excel in these tools even without prior knowledge.

- Minitab and excel templates to work out

- Quizzes, pdf handouts and a lot more!

There are plenty of simulated case studies, minitab and excel templates, quizzes etc waiting to make your learning experience easier inside.

With a 30 day money back guarantee on the course you can sit back and relax as you learn.

Thank you for your interest….

Feel free to look through the course description and I look forward to see you attending the course ! Together, we will make it a happy learning journey.

Please try the free preview and syllabus to explore further !

Enroll in the course and get a mastery on 7 quality tools NOW!

Root Cause Analysis 2021:Stepwise course for all Beginners
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