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Romantic Music: Composition & Production

Create the Perfect Gift / Compose a Romantic Soundtrack
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How to compose, orchestrate, mix, and master romantic music
How to work with Logic Pro X & improve MIDI instruments
How to compose to set timings in live events

My wife and I got married in a truly unique venue, deep underground in the Polish salt mines. We needed some seriously special music - not the usual “off the shelf” stuff. So, I wrote our wedding music myself - and I’m going to show you how to do the same.

  • Maybe you need to tell your partner exactly how much you love them, but can’t find the words?

  • Perhaps your parents have a big anniversary year coming up; what could be a more perfect gift than digging out their old wedding video and creating them their very own wedding soundtrack?

  • What if you’re in the exact same boat as we were, and want that PERFECT piece for your own special day?

  • Or maybe you're working on a short romantic film and need some tips on creating the perfect score?

This course is a complete guide to writing, arranging, orchestrating, mixing, AND mastering your very own romantic music. I walk you through the entire composing process, including

  • working out your timings

  • choosing your instruments

  • creating the perfect melody and harmony

Then, in a set of "over-the-shoulder" videos, I show you exactly how to:

  • orchestrate your composition,

  • make your instruments sound amazing,

  • give your piece it’s final polish before you unveil it to your nearest and dearest

NB: in this course "romantic" refers to the emotion, not the 18th/19th century romantic period of music! Don't be fooled, budding Beethovens!

Create The Perfect Gift: Express Your Love With Music

Sometimes words just aren't enough. If you really want to show that special someone just how much you care for them, music can be the best way. What's more special than a romantic score, capturing exactly how you feel?

Compose A Romantic Score

Are you working on a romantic film and need some direction? Or do you need to create some music for a special day of your own? Or maybe you want to write your own music for your, or a family member's wedding movie? This course is based around working with specific timing notes, so is perfect for live, or moving image projects - showing you how to structure your pieces to work with exact timings.

The Instructor

I (Jonny Armandary) am an international award-winning film music composer, who has taught film music composition and production at University level. I am also the founder of soundtrack.academy, where my aim is to make composing for the moving image accessible to all.

My Guarantee

I hope that the course is right for you, and that you know what you’re signing up for, but if, for any reason, it's not the right fit for you, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee

Romantic Music: Composition & Production
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