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Romanian for Beginners : Level 1

Learn the basics of the Romanian language
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You will be able to say a few common words and phrases
Be able to start a conversation
Be able to talk about yourself
Be able to ask about the other person
Be able to get a taxi
Be able to book a hotel
Talk to the waiter in a restaurant or cafe
Count to a billion
Find out more about Romania

Learn the basics of the Romanian language in just a few short lectures. 

Do you have friends of Romanian origin and would like to impress them by speaking a few words in their language?

Are you travelling to Romania and would like to know the basics before arriving?

This course is for you.

I want to teach you the fundamentals of the language so that you can have a basic conversation with anyone.

This course will teach you

  • common simple words

  • hello and goodbye

  • ask for directions

  • start a conversation

  • numbers

  • how to ask for directions

  • talk about yourself and ask about the other person

  • and more

After taking this course you will be able to talk to Romanian people on a basic level, express yourself and ask them about themselves.

Sign up today and learn your first few words in Romanian.

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Highly rated instructor with over 10.000 active students and growing monthly.

Romanian for Beginners : Level 1
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