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A 3-Step Strategy to Start Organizing Your Business Finances

The Secure Entrepreneur's Guide to Stabilizing Your Small Business Finances and Building a Sustainable Foundation
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Take Charge of Cash Flow with an easy-to-implement solution
Cover Business Expenses and pay yourself with a proven system
Organize Your Bank Accounts to better control money flow

When faced with money challenges the go to answer for most entrepreneurs is “Make more money”

This course is not about how to make more money. Instead this course will teach you a simple to implement 3-step solution that will help stabilize the money in your business so you have the foundation you need to confidently make more money. In this course you will learn:

  • A quick action you can take every month to help with cash flow and decision making
  • How to direct the money your business makes so you pay yourself every month and cover your business expenses
  • A flow chart for organizing your bank accounts so you are in control of the money flowing through your business 

The included videos will teach you the solution, then you can use the cheat sheet each month to help you effectively direct the money in your business where it needs to go to support your business and your personal life.

The 3-step solution can (and has) helped out entrepreneurs at all levels of business: from startup, to growth, to consistently successful businesses. If you aren't feeling supported by the money in your business then this course can help you make the changes your business needs to create a solid money foundation you can build on.

"I have been an accountant for over 35 years and I have never seen anyone simplify financial management as well as Jeremie Miller.  His teaching and process is easy to understand and it helps people to get out of debt, save money and manage their finances with ease and confidence.  I highly recommend his programs to anyone feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable about their finances." Bob Truffo - Accountant

" I think the secure entrepreneur has found the missing link between business and personal. I have had my own business since 1996 and would love to go back and try this. Can't go back so will move forward and keep you posted!! I am so excited to just have a plan and not guess each month. Just try it!" Beverlee Miller - Bookkeeper

A 3-Step Strategy to Start Organizing Your Business Finances
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