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The Rock Balancer's Guide

Discover the Mindful Art of Balance
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Learn beginner and advanced rock balance techniques
Create an indoor or outdoor balance garden
Reduce stress and anxiety
Build confidence
Overcome failure
Let go of perfectionism
Breathe into the present moment
Explore the opportunities around you
Release the past
Evolve into the future

Follow the guide that covers the practical techniques of rock balancing, while also explaining how to breathe into the moment, see opportunity, believe in your strength, and so much more.

This Udemy course is based on the book Travis Ruskus published in 2019, which shares the 7 Principles of Enlightenment he created after teaching thousands of people from all over the world how to rock balance.

No matter your age, race, religion, gender, or wealth, the stone treats us all the same. Something as simple as picking up a rock and balancing it can actually have powerfully transformative effects in other areas of your life. The rocks are just a metaphor for whatever vision you are trying to achieve. Start this course today!

The Rock Balancer's Guide
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