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Rock Vocal Style

All kinds of Clean \ Rasp \ Scream \ Growl \ False cord \ Drive \ Guttural & Pig Sqeal vocal technique
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Use proper breathing for singing
Use the diaphragm for singing properly
Enhance your tone
Improve pitch accuracy
Increase your range
Sing with rasp without damaging vocal cords
Do all kinds of screaming: high \ middle \ low
Avoid troubles with voice after screams
Become a rock vocalist!

This course is about vocal features you can find in the rock music. 

A curriculum of this course is 10 days and each day covers an important vocal milestone.

Basically you will learn the most important points about the diaphragm and proper breathing. You will learn different techniques to enhance your tone. Also we will improve your pitch accuracy and increase your range.

All these practices prepare you for a rock vocal style. Thereafter you will learn how to add rasp to your voice without damaging your vocal cords.

Finally you will know how to learn all kinds of screaming: high \ middle \ low.

Also you will find an information about common mistakes and frequently asked questions about rock vocal.

Exercises include explanations with arpeggios, 

schemes and examples of vocal performance. 

From this course you will know a lot of new things and become a rock vocalist!

Rock Vocal Style
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