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Rock That Speech! Eliminate Stage Fright, Impress the Public

A detailed guide on Conceptualizing, Writing and Delivering outstanding speeches, EVERY SINGLE TIME!
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Deliver an extraordinary speech from start to finish.
Organize a speech to have the maximum impact.
Use Body Language and Vocal Variety to their advantage.
Stand out from the crowd.

Learn all the basic tips and tricks to make great, outstanding speeches every single time. You will be able to impress audiences, earn respect among your colleagues and friends with the simple, practical exercises in this course. Your level of confidence of stage will be absolutely phenomenal and speech writing will become much easier.

Build a strong set of skills to help you conceptualize, write, format, practice and deliver great speeches for all levels, that get you encouraging feedback every single time.

  • Recognize your current level as a speaker; your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify what skills truly powerful speakers have.
  • Understand how to organize and format a speech. 
  • Learn the importance of Body Language and Vocal Variety.
  • Get specific, practical tips that help you assimilate all the above and create compact, memorable speeches.

Public Speaking is an invaluable skill for EVERYONE!                                                             Learning the basics of Public Speaking will help you shine out in your profession, class or even socially. Confidence is a great asset for any speaker and this course teaches you how to master it, in a very practical, project based manner. 

I can personally vouch for all the benefits I have had due to my speech skills, which helped me shine out as the Marketing Manager of the biggest mall in my country. My confidence levels soared and I soon found myself getting offers to work as a Corporate Trainer in other organisations as well, leading to a satisfying career in speaking and training.

Content and Overview   

This course is suitable for all levels of speakers; those who want to be slowly guided as they get comfortable speaking on stage, to those who just want to brush up on certain specific points.

You will be taught in a practical manner, by comparing yourself before and after the course, to map your progress.  The first practice project will require you to make a 'Before' video of yourself, which will help you understand your assets as a speaker and points that need some guidance and polishing.

Further, you will learn how to evaluate good speakers and specific qualities they have, so that you can learn, emulate and teach yourself from anyone you admire; simply by watching them. Awareness is the key!

Speech organisation will be taught in great detail, including speech Opening and Conclusion, which will help you maximize the impact as you make speeches that grab the attention of the audience and retain them till the end.

A lot of emphasis will be given on developing your speaking voice, and how you present yourself as you speak. Body language and voice modulation have a major impact on audience's perception of the speaker and you will learn how to use them to your benefit.

Finally, you will learn how to prepare speeches; how to practice, how to prepare yourself on D Day and how to walk up to that stage and impress them EVERY SINGLE TIME! 

Enroll now, for there is a 30 day money back guarantee should you not be a 100% satisfied with the course. 

Rock That Speech! Eliminate Stage Fright, Impress the Public
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