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Rock Piano 101 - Must-Have Chord Skills

Learn the basics to create your own rock piano arrangements! This lesson develops the chord skills you need for success.
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How to use triads.
When to use triads vs. 7th chords.
Understand triad inversions and slash chords.
Learn different examples to quickly bring into their playing to make cool arrangements.

Have you ever encountered a tune that has only one or two chords for the whole tune? Have you struggled to find ways to comp through that same chord without playing the same thing over and over again? Being able to play triad structures through a single chord can help you generate new ideas, build comping (chord) grooves, and provide various options for things to play on a single chord.

In this first lesson we are going to cover triads, their inversions and usage. I will also show you how and when to use 7ths chords and chord slashes. Later in the lesson you'll learn 4 different Rock Piano Accompaniment patterns that you can practice.

We are also going to use a snippet of the Beatles classic song "I Saw Her Standing There" to show you how to apply different triad and seventh chord options to a rock melody.

Once you're done with this lesson, you will have the tools you need to pick up a rock lead sheet (chords and melody) and start creating your own arrangements. If you practice the exercises in the lesson (and sheet music that is provided) you will have all you need to tear it up the next time you jam out on your classic rock songs.

Here's what one of my students had to say:

"Willie Myette is a brilliant teacher! Ask any question about your piano playing and you can be confident that he has the knowledge and experience to sort out your problem.

His videos are chock-full of great stuff taking you through your chosen lesson step by patient step, and the group coaching sessions give you even more insight into the mysteries of, in my case, jazz piano.

I've been learning with him for just two months and I can't believe I'm hearing the sounds that are coming out of my piano now - and it's me playing it!

Thank you so much Willie!"


Rock Piano 101 - Must-Have Chord Skills
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