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Robotics for kids: learn Programming and Maths

This course will teach your kids to code virtual robots to make desired moves and shapes while learning the underlying maths at the same time in one Robotics for kids course.
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Your kids will understand the general programming concepts
Your kids will be able to connect Maths with programming
Your kids will program virtual robots' moves

Robotics is the intersection of modern science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It promotes and develops engineer-like thinking, improves research skills, and expands a general understanding of science in real-world applications. It’s also fun and engaging. Many children will find it natural to immerse themselves in learning. Share this Robotics for kids course with your offsprings and create opportunities for them to contribute to the wellbeing of future generations.  

How is Robotics for kids helpful in children’s lives? 

Adult life is full of challenges. With a complex task at hand, we first need to check what information we’re lacking and where we can find it, and then, with the necessary information, we start solving the issue. This is what we call an engineer-thinking. Can you imagine how much faster could a child’s development be if they knew how to apply such logic at learning, solving different tasks, and doing their homework? 

Robotics is closely related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and this course is a highly researched STEM course that will become a great introduction to the world of Robotics programming for kids, computer game design, and mathematics. 

What is it that your child will learn in this course? 

This programing for kids course will introduce your child (and you!) to the world of Robotics and teach your kids to code. So your child will learn the following: 

  • How to write programs for a virtual robot 
  • How to simulate a virtual robot 
  • How to learn maths basics through programming 
  • How to program with drag & drop based software
  • Kids programming to create technology 
  • How to make virtual robots move, turn, and draw different shapes 
  • Programming for kids basics (for loop, while loop, if/else statements, variables)

In this Robotics for kids course, your child will be lead by an experienced teacher – automation engineer, STEM researcher who’s been teaching kids programming for more than 5 years. This experience and competence allow him to teach your kids to code by presenting programming concepts in steps. We’ll go from the very basics, writing algorithms step by step. 

This allows complete beginners to enroll in this course because we’ll gradually increase the complexity. The course is designed in a way that kids will find it easy to apply what they learn quickly. 

They will be able to program robots that will move a certain distance making 90-degree turns, drawing lines to make different polygon shapes. The teacher will explain the maths behind each program before writing them, and don’t worry – it won’t be as boring as it might seem from the first sight. It will be a fun and educational course. 

Robotics for kids – a new subject in a modern curriculum 

In our fast-developing world, technology has become an important part for anybody. Programming can be compared to learning maths – something that’s worth to have at least a general understanding of. STEM courses can help to cater for the needs of the modern generation, so this Robotics for kids course is a great way to get them interested in this field. So enroll in this programing for kids course and enjoy learning! 

Robotics for kids: learn Programming and Maths
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