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Robot Structural Analysis (Steel building)

Steel building Modeling,Analysis and design of all elements, with wind and Seismic Load By Eurocode.
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Steel Building Modeling and Analysis
Design of all elements (Columns,Beams..)
Wind and Seismic Load Application By Eurocode
Concrete Footing Design
Connections Design (Base and Frame Knee Connection)

In this Course you will learn how to model,analyse and Design all elements of Steel Building

Firstly we will set preferences and job preferences (Design code,,materials...)

You will learn how to model all elements of building (Columns,Beams,slab,Bracings...)

You will learn how to define Wind and Seismic load by Eurocode.

You will learn how to design all elements (Columns,Beams,Composite beams,Bracing

You will learn how to design the foundation of structure

You will learn how to design the connections (Base connection,Frame knee connection)

Robot Structural Analysis (Steel building)
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