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Road Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Beginners & Intermediate users Tutorial
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You will learn how to design a road with AutoCAD Civil 3D software.
Both beginners and intermediate users can use this course get a clear understanding about road design with Civil 3D software.
Use simple learning method with good engineering insight

In this course you will learn how to design a road with AutoCAD Civil 3D software from the basics. We will be doing this as a project from start to end. The software version we use is Autodesk Civil 3D 2020. Any Civil 3D version newer than Civil 3D 2018 can be used to follow this course.

Before doing this course it would be an advantage if you have some insight to AutoCAD basics. This course is created more related to a Highway Engineering background. So the Engineers or Engineering students would find this very useful to start your carrier as a Highway Design Engineer.

The project object is to connect a City to an Industrial zone with a two lane two way road with a design speed of 50km/h. We will be using AASHTO 2011 design guidelines as the design reference when doing the designs.

First we get a basic understanding about Civil 3D. Then we start the design from importing point data to Civil 3D. Then we will create surface, modify & enhance surface.

After that alignment and profiles will be created along with the road layout. The 3D model of the road will be created using assemblies and corridors. Finally we create section views and do the material calculation (Quantity take-off).

Through the 24 tutorial videos I will teach all the important aspects of Civil 3D to design.

Road Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D
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