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Risk Management for Project Professionals (PMBOK6 Updated)

The Complete Project Management Risk Course. Get certified and develop actionable risk management skills.
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Understand project risk management
Plan project risk management
Identify project risks
Perform qualitative and quantitative project risk analisys
Plan project risk response
Control project risks

This course on Risk Management is designed to meet the requirements of project professionals and of those of you who are interested in taking the PMI Certification exams such us Risk management professional.

The focus of this course is on developing skills and for this reason practice materials cover at least 15 hours of exercise and work on risk management tools and techniques, risk management documents and risk response. 

This course on Risk Management for Project Professionals includes more than 15 hours of video materials on: 

  1. Project management (overview)

  2. Project risk management

  3. Plan risk management

  4. Identify risks

  5. Qualitative risk analysis

  6. Quantitative risk analysis

  7. Plan risk response, and

  8. Risk Control

After each video lecture you will have a practical activity. You will receive instructions for each exercise and, if needed, templates. This is your investment in your risk management actionable skills

And, after each section you will have a quiz that will reinforce your knowledge on risk management and its tools and techniques. 

All instructional activities will earn you the necessary for PMI certification and credential maintenance if you already are a certified PMI Risk Management Professional or Project Management Professional. 

If you are a project professional and you want to improve your risk management skills, this course is for you. If you are an entrepreneur, a student, a manager or, you just want to learn and develop risk management skills, this course is for you. 

So, you will learn how to manage successfully threats and opportunities in your projects. Now, go ahead and press that "Take this course" button and see you on the inside! 

Risk Management for Project Professionals (PMBOK6 Updated)
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