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Risk Management for Medical Office Staff

Protecting the Practice from Litigation
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Understand how they can manage numerous risks in the modern office medical practice
Appreciate the legal concept of respondeat superior and the fact that physicians and other providers can be held responsible for the actions of medical office staff
Avoid potential torts in their workplace, including assault and battery, false imprisonment and invasion of privacy, and defamation of character
Maintain their scope of practice, stay within the bounds of the law, and do not inadvertently engage in the "practice of medicine" unless duly licensed
Actively support the physician's informed consent efforts with patients. Staff will understand the crucial role they play being the "eyes and ears" of the practice, being approachable by patients, and insuring related informed consent paperwork is properly managed

This course gives you the tools required to excel in today's rapidly changing medical office. You will master the art of managing risks, avoiding legal landmines, and protecting your medical office from lawsuits.

Increase Your Confidence And Value To Your Medical Office Team

By the end of this course, you will understand your role in minimizing risks.

- Understand tort law and how to avoid accusations of assault and battery, false imprisonment, and invasion of privacy.

- Recognize the importance of staying within your "scope of practice," patient satisfaction and its role in managing legal risk.

- Comprehend and appreciate the "team approach" in minimizing risk and accusations of malpractice and negligence.

Your role in managing risk in the modern medical office.

Do you know that 53% of medical-related lawsuits are related to outpatient healthcare? The average settlement is about $290,000. However, a vast majority of risk management investment has been on the inpatient, or hospital environment.

This course focuses on outpatient risk management. It emphasizes the role of patient satisfaction, regulatory compliance and interpersonal communications play in minimizing legal exposure.

Risk Management for Medical Office Staff
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