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Risk Management 101

Introduction to Risk Identification, Analysis, and Response for Healthcare Project Leaders and Managers
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Define risk as it applies to healthcare projects
Describe methods of identifying project risks
Demonstrate ability to complete a project Risk Register
Identify 2 tools to assist with risk analysis
Compare and contrast mitigation vs. contingency planning

Is your organization challenged by lack of adoption of new processes or programs? Do your healthcare projects typically run over budget? Do your implementations often take longer than expected?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may be experiencing issues with risk management. As a healthcare project leader or project manager, it's necessary to be equipped with skills to help you and your team identify and navigate your way around risks.

In healthcare, we tend to think of risks in the sense of patient safety risks and outcomes or provider effectiveness and efficiency. However, we may not invest as much thought into risks that impact our projects - things that impact our implementation timelines, costs, and success rates. But when you really think about it, oftentimes the goals of our healthcare projects are to impact patient safety risks and outcomes or provider effectiveness and efficiency.

You may have heard "we can't focus on a new project because we're too busy putting out fires". Well, maybe if we got to the root of those "fires" and  invested in developing a team that was knowledgeable in project management basics and well-educated on risk management practices we could focus more of our efforts on "fire" prevention.

And that's the goal of this course! This is a beginner level course to introduce you to risk management as it applies to your healthcare projects. And the hope is that by end of the course you'll have the beginnings of a risk management toolkit that you and your organization can continue to build from.

And with that - let the journey begin!

Risk Management 101
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