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Risk Assessment and Management in Social Work

Getting the balance right
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Risk is an ever-present part of social work practice. This course offers a sound foundation of the nature of risk and provides helpful frameworks for assessing and managing risk

An important part of a social worker’s job is to assess and manage risk as part of their assessment work and any ongoing intervention they may be involved in. There are no easy answers in terms of how to do this, but there are tools that we can use and important insights that can inform our practice.

Neil Thompson is a well known and highly respected UK social work author. He has been training social workers and others on risk assessment and management for over thirty years. In his work he emphasizes that there is no such thing as a “risk-free zone”. Because of this, social workers need to have a high level of awareness of risk, access to helpful tools and an appreciation of what is involved in managing risk effectively.

The course provides a sound foundation of understanding and introduces some useful risk management tools. In terms of ongoing risk management the course emphasizes the need for a balanced approach, neither complacent nor risk averse.

This course has an important role to play in reducing anxiety and boosting confidence in what can be a difficult aspect of practice. It will be of great value to everyone involved in social work or other disciplines that need to assess and manage risk.

Risk Assessment and Management in Social Work
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