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Financial Management Risk and Return For Securities

Learn the concepts for the essence of Finance that are risk and return for stocks and also practice them on Excel.
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able to calculate the risk and return for a security.
able to calculate the risk an return in case of a portfolio.
able to find the real worth of a stock using CAPM
able to get the concepts solved using EXcel

This course is about the essence of Financial Management that is Risk and Return of Securities/Stocks. This is for everyone who wants a firm grip over the concepts related to the risk and return for the stocks and then comparing the real worth of their stocks with the market price.

This course includes mainly 8 sections and 19 lectures. The important concepts taught in the course are highlighted below.

  • The meaning of risk and return in a stock
  • Probability Distributions
  • Discrete/Continuous Distributions
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Expected Return
  • Standard Deviation
  • Coefficient of Variance
  • Types of Risk- Systematic and Unsystematic
  • Security Market Line
  • Intrinsic Value of a Stock

The last section includes Notes, Practice Questions and Excel Practice Exercises

The above mentioned concepts are taught in a sequence by solving questions related to every topic in detail and then practicing each one of them on Excel as well.

The real benefit for students is to get the comprehensive knowledge in just one course and master the concepts related to stocks' risk and return and then evaluation of the importance for portfolio investments. Students can get the benefit of practicing the formulas on Excel as well.

So just grab the opportunity and get enrolled to make your knowledge up to date and firm about the concepts of Risk and Return of Stocks!

Financial Management Risk and Return For Securities
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