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Maya Rigging for Beginners- Part 1 (5 hours)

An easy to follow course that simplifies the rigging process! *This course is just part 1, not the FULL course*
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Students will be able to use the basics of Maya interface
Students will be able to apply deformers and edit them

In this course you will learn the very basics of Maya rigging, any previous version of Maya can follow along as well! The instructor makes sure this course does not feel like a robot giving you information about rigging, but in a way it actually feels like a friend that is sitting right next to you at your desk helping you out to understand the entirety of what is rigging.

You will learn the most used tools in Maya rigging, starting off with the basics and gradually progressing to more advance techniques, not only does the instructor teach you how to use a tool, but he as well gives ideas of when he has used certain tools or when he would see the most potential for it. 

There is plenty of Maya rigging tools, but your imagination also has to be involved in order to accomplish amazing and beautiful production ready rigs!


Maya Rigging for Beginners- Part 1 (5 hours)
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