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Rigging and Animating PSDs in Moho Pro

Rig and animate image based characters designed in other software
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Properly Rig a Character
Create Bone Dynamics that Link to a Smart Warp Mesh
Apply Subtle Head Turns with Smart Actions
Animate and Polish a Short Scene

With Moho, you can import images or Photoshop Documents, add bones and create detailed rigs for 2D animation. This process can be different from rigging vector based characters. This course showcases all the important steps needed to effectively rig a PSD for Moho animation.

More specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Set up layer structure for a character

  • Reduce PSD file size

  • Set up body bones appropriately

  • Create dynamic hair movement using Smart Warp meshes and special bone properties

  • Control the face using a series of dials

  • Create head turns using a Smart Warp mesh

  • Polish and correct rigging issues

  • Apply animation with an image based rig

  • Export animations out of Moho

Rigging and Animating PSDs in Moho Pro
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