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Riding in Traffic with Cars

How to commute on a bicycle and not die
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How to ride a bicycle in traffic and not die

Learn from a real traffic veteran about how to coexist with cars in traffic. Over 35 years and over 100,000 miles in traffic and still not dead...must know something. My expertise here was not always evident to me other than the fact I did manage to not get hit. In preparation for a court case, I ended up collecting a lot of historical information about my traffic experience. I had letters from old bosses over the years so I could use the roundtrip distance between my historical address at the time and the work site. I realized I had over 100,000 miles mostly in traffic well-documented. I went to the judge to arbitrate the matter. I came in with a lot of facts. In court, I asserted my history pedaling on the tarmac made me an expert. In my expert opinion, what I had done was SAFER. This case was summarily dismissed. That was about seven years ago. Since then I have become an advocate and instructor for bicycle commuting in traffic. I will tell you things other courses will not. For example, I strongly believe taking the lane is very dangerous. I advocate riding to the right whenever it is practicable, which in my opinion is MOST of the time. In the conclusion, you will also learn some of the history behind the Take the Lane advocacy as I share some of my experiences participating in this civil disobedience movement.

Riding in Traffic with Cars
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