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Rid Yourself of Fear of the Camera

Use these easy tips to build confidence on camera. Your message is important. You can stop nerves getting in the way.
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Build confidence on camera
Apply practical steps to manage your nerves
Learn to accept imperfections in your appearance and your delivery
Focus on the message you want to share

Do you hate cameras? Do get all twitchy as soon as a camera or smartphone is pointed in your direction? Well, I feel your pain. I was like you. Recently. In fact, just a few weeks ago.

I used to take some footage of myself, then play it back and be disappointed. Take two and I stumbled over some words. By take 36 I thought the return on investment of my time was not worth it. I wanted to give up. Then I realised something. It's true for me and it's true for you.

You have something important to say to the world. Don't let your fear of turning up on video get in the way of that message.

So, how do you overcome your fear of being filmed?

Actually, it's remarkably easy. Many actors suggest practicing in front of a mirror or a friend, but that's not what worked for me. (It only stressed me even more).

Instead, I focused on my attitude:

  • think of the message you want to share
  • stop practicing until it's perfect
  • take much shorter clips of yourself
  • focus on something other than you

Even a few simple changes helped. Like changing the time of the day when I was recording myself or changing my posture.

This course is not written by a professional actor. It's written by someone like you. I had no video or camera experience before, and I've had no professional training. But these tips have worked for me.

The tips are:

  • practical
  • easy to follow
  • free to implement (apart from the cost of this course), and -- best of all --
  • they work

So whether you're too nervous to look at a lens or just want to get a little bit more comfortable when you're being recorded, follow this course and Rid Yourself, once and for all, of your fear of the camera.

Rid Yourself of Fear of the Camera
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