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Rhythm - the basics

How to undestand and internalize musical rhythms
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Discover the underlying building blocks of music
Internalize your sense of rhythm
How to find the beats in a song
How to count and clap on the right beats
Simple drum and percussions lessons for anyone
Learn about different time signatures
  • Break down and explain the underlying structures of music rhythm

  • How to internalize your sense of rhythm

  • Connect your hands and feet to the rhythms you hear

  • Understand different time signatures

  • Learn how to clap along and play simple percussion instruments with music

  • Differentiating rhythm and pulse

  • Demonstrating how to find the beats in different styles of music

  • How to make music part of your everyday experience

  • This course is a taken from a section of my course "Play Music by Ear- From Beginner to Fluency"

Rhythm  -  the basics
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